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4-H District Activity Day (DAD)

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District Activity Day

District Activity Day (DAD) is a 4-H Presentation public speaking competition for youth to present information on the topic of their choice.

4-H Presentations are a huge part of North Carolina 4-H. It is one of the most successful way to help a young person learn how to do a public speech. It focuses on members teaching others what they know about a particular project/subject matter. They are sometimes called demonstrations or illustrated talk or a formal speech.

The speech/presentation should be between 5 and 12 minutes. District winners compete at the state level. State winners in sponsored categories receive cash awards! In specific categories, the State-winning seniors may go on to compete at the National level.

Register your presentation here.

Virtual Presentations Due to County office by

June 12, 2020

Please note that presentations will be done by video this year. You will need to record yourself doing your presentation and then submit it to me by June 12.
This is a great start to presentations if you are not sure about talking in front of a large group it’s a great year to get your feet wet in the 4-H presentation world.
If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Ms. Ann or me. We are looking forward to some great virtual presentations this year!
Important changes!!!
  1.  Videos due to our office by June 12. Any later submissions will not be eligible to participate or be judged by the County or District or State level.
  2. Rules will remain the same in regards to presentations. See guidelines…
  3.  State 4-H Presentation Guidelines & Regulations & Categories
  4.  2020 Presentation Fact Sheet
  5. Videos of youth presenting their presentations
  6. Videos must be single cut – do not do several recordings and splice them together.
  7. SINGLE CUT ONLY – just as if youth are presenting live.
  8.  Must see youth doing their presentations.
  9.  Teams – use Zoom or something similar to record you both on the screen at the same time.(Use co-host to share the roles)
  10. Videos can not be bigger than 10GB – smaller is better
  11.  Videos must be .mp4 file format or .mov as these are universal and we should be able to open them easily. We do not want links to a youtube channel or anything else. Please upload the video directly in Ms. Sara. I will send that out separately.
  12. Ms. Ann and I will be getting trained in helping you get the formatting correct.
  13. We will have a Zoom work day on May 8th to help you with your presentation. The link will be sent out at a later date.
  14.  Be creative in how you manage this new way of doing things this year. An example of this is that we know you do not have “easels” at home so use a chair, use a person, whatever works to make a smooth transition from face to face to recorded videos.
  15. There will not be any Outdoor cookery at this time, it will be held sometime in the fall.
  16. 4-H Entertains will be postponed till the fall also.

Video Tips:

  • Hold your phone or table horizontal (long ways and NOT up and down).
  • Make certain that you are in good light.
  • Try to use a tripod, table or something to keep your device steady.
  • Stand in front of a simple background ( a plain white or black sheet on the wall may work).
  • Don’t have the camera right up on you. Have it a few feet away.
  • Don’t Zoom in. If you need to, move your camera closer instead of zooming.
  • Test your audio. Can you wear a set of earbuds with a microphone to improve your audio? Watch for background noises.

Important 2020 Dates

May 8 DAD Work Day at Office **Will be held virtually on Zoom**

June 12 *Mandatory turn in Videos* **Will be held virtually on Zoom**

July 30  Videos Due to State (agent will submit)

Benefits of 4-H Presentations

Teaches life skills. Increase public speaking skills. Increase self-confidence. Increase knowledge & interest in a certain subject matter.

Will help you in the long run with:

– Communicating

– Other clubs & projects

– College/post-secondary education

– Careers Giving a presentation is a good learning experience.

You can choose a topic from any project you have taken in 4-H or currently doing. The topic should be something you enjoy, are interested in and can be presented easily in 5 to 15 minutes. 4-Hers who do a presentation develop self-confidence, the ability to speak in front of an audience and the ability to think ahead. In the following outline you will discover pointers and tips on doing a 4-H presentation.

The following is a Presentation Fact Sheet. This lists the topics for presentations, rules, & regulations and objectives for each.

More information about presentations.