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Recent Publications related to Field Crops

Selection and Management of Efficient Center-Pivot and Linear Move Irrigation Systems

The center pivot and linear-move type irrigation systems are usually the most practical system for …

6 hours ago

Hard Hose and Cable Tow Traveler Irrigation Systems

This publication contains step-by-step guidelines for field calibration of hard hose and cable tow irrigation …

Stationary Sprinkler Irrigation System

This publication contains step-by-step guidelines for field calibration of stationary sprinkler irrigation systems. Proper calibration …

Selection and Mangement of Efficient Low Volume Irrigation System

North Carolina farmers grow crops on over 2 million acres of poorly drained soils. These …

10 hours ago

Water Supplies for Subirrigation

This publication explains how to plan and maintain subirrigation systems by providing information on types …

10 hours ago

Economics of Controlled Drainage and Subirrigation Systems

Before installing a dual-purpose subsurface drainage and subirrigation system on your farm, have your site …

10 hours ago

Operating Controlled Drainage and Subirrigation Systems

This publication summarizes design considerations, system operations and information on monitoring controlled drainage and subirrigation …

10 hours ago

Conservation Tillage on Organic Farms

This online publication describes how cover crops affect the soil, how to establish cover crops, …

2 days agoCEFS