Brodie Harrell Scholarship Applications Available

— Written By and last updated by Caroline Brown

The Harrell Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce they are accepting applications for the B. H. “Brodie” Harrell Agricultural Scholarship for 2015. The scholarship is available to youth from Northampton County who are pursuing higher education beyond high school level and concentrating in studies related to Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Brodie Harrell was recognized by his superiors in Raleigh, his coworkers across the State and the people of Northampton County as one of the top Extension Agents in North Carolina. In his memory, coworkers, family and friends have created the B. H. “Brodie” Harrell Agricultural Scholarship. The scholarship amount for this year is $500.00.

For an application, please click here: Brodie Harrell Scholarship app 2015. All completed applications are due by Friday, April 10, 2015.

The Harrell Scholarship Committee looks forward to receiving applications from qualifying senior students.