4-H Photography Classes

— Written By Caroline Brown

On April 2-4, 2013, Les Atkins, a professional photographer from Atkins Ad Group, taught a 4-H Photography workshop to 13 4-H members in Northampton County. Through a grant offered by the North Carolina Arts Council, participants learned the parts of a camera, took photos with digital cameras, discovered the effects of lighting and shadows, and edited their pictures during the three-day workshop. Mr. Atkins used 4-H photography curriculum books to help participants discover the art of photography. They practiced their knowledge with hands-on exercises, traveling to the downtown Jackson area to shoot photos. At the end of class, participants chose their two best photos, printed and framed them, and had a display for their parents. Two of the participants then participated in the Northampton County Community Arts Day two weeks later and one submitted her photos for the North Carolina 4-H Photography competition.

For more information about 4-H in Northampton County and the opportunities available, please contact Caroline Brown, 4-H Agent, at (252) 534-2711.